Premium Raisins-Sulphur Free-3 Kg

Premium Raisins-Sulphur Free-3 Kg

  • Gayatri Premium Residue-Free Raisins are seedless and is the best Quality Indian Dry fruit. These raisins are Naturally Sun-Dried; Fresh, Bigger in size(grade-1), Nutritious, Tasty and Healthy; Made from Fresh Crop 2020 Season Grape.
  • These raisins are free from any chemical residue, Export Quality Thompson grapes.
  • These premium Raisins have medicinal Values; Raisins are great Source of Antioxidants; Good Source of Energy; Fat-Free; Cholesterol Free; Sodium Free; Suitable for children, youngsters and elders; Especially recommended for senior citizens and even diabetic patients

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Some of the health benefits of raisins
1. Impurities in the blood result in dry and acne-prone skin. Eating black raisins daily helps in getting rid of toxins, waste materials and any other impurities from the blood . It contains natural antioxidants, which helps in detoxifying the body completely.
2. It helps in blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Its high vitamin C content provides nourishment to the hair, thus preventing premature graying of hair.
3. Other than potassium, it also consists of high amount of calcium , which is good for our bones . Lack of calcium can result in severe bone disorders like osteoporosis, but eating black raisins daily can help cure that.
4. Raisins help keep Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol in check. Polyphenols present in black raisins help in lowering the levels of cholesterol .
5. Rich in potassium, these fruits help reduce hypertension or high blood pressure . Potassium helps lower the content of sodium in our body, which is one of the main causes of an increased level of high blood pressure.
6. They are also good for the teeth . Because of the presence of phytochemicals it prevents tooth decaying and and helps fight germs and cavities. It also prevents the growth of a number of bacteria, which results in tooth decay.
7. The high content of iron in these organic fruits also helps keep anemia at bay. Iron raises the content of hemoglobin in blood, which in turn cures anemia

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